The Connection

There is a way to connect the singletrack in Edworthy Park to the singletrack in Bowmont Park, turning two relatively short rides into one with a sufficiently acceptable length. Sufficiently acceptable also happens to be one of the highest compliments that one can give most singletrack in Calgary. However, in the pursuit of sufficiently acceptable, there is also grave danger. A prime example of urban mountain biking, any rider attempting the connection between these two trails risks traumatic personal injury.

The Connection

The Connection starts at the end of the Edworthy Park singletrack. The railroad tracks that mark the end of the Edworthy trail signal the beginning of the Connection. You might ask: “Is the unmarked railroad track crossing the dangerous element to this ride”? The answer is no, this isn’t the danger. This is just the beginning.

The Connection

Across the field, the Connection takes a quick dip under the road. I always expect to see someone under the bridge, but I never have. The empty bottles of Big Bear and Colt .45, being the first choice of high school students and hobos, do seem to belie the absence of people though. Still, no danger yet.

DCIM100GOPROThe Connection

Once past the bridge, the Connection trail winds its way along the bank of the river. Bowmont Park is just ahead. This is tricky part of the trail. Water on one side and concrete and chain-link fence on the other. The danger happens in the middle.

The ConnectionThe Connection

Geese. The assholes of the animal kingdom. Violent, hissing, territorial assholes. During May and June this section of the Connection trail is crawling with the angry water fowl. Sure, they’re just trying to raise their babies. But in doing so, they also attack everything and anything that gets within spitting distance. Thank God geese don’t also spit. Although I’m sure they would if they could. Trapped between the river and the fence, there is precious little room to maneuver when confronted by one of these vicious birds. Many a ride has been shortened after being attacked by a murderous goose. When riding the Connection trail always remember discretion is the better part of valour.

Angry Goose

Seriously though, geese are assholes.

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